About Us

PavCon Group is a paving contractor with a market area covering the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our personnel have decades of experience performing quality asphalt installation all over the Shenandoah Valley.

However, we are not just your “typical asphalt contractor.” We pride ourselves on being paving specialists with the expertise, knowledge, and experience to recommend and perform every type of paving.

From asphalt paving to pervious concrete to decorative concrete to concrete paving we are your contractor of choice. We have the experience, personnel, equipment, technical knowledge, and technology necessary to recommend and perform the most economical solution for your paving needs.

We proudly serve Shopping Centers, Industrial Parks, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals, Churches, Country Clubs, Housing Subdivisions in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia.



PavCon Group LLC was a vision and a plan created by members of the Conmat Group. A vision and plan that came to a reality in early 2012 when D.P. Chapman & Sons Paving and W.F. Edwards & Sons Paving were merged into the PavCon Group.

D.P. Chapman & Sons Paving, a family-owned and -operated company, was started by Mr. Daniel “Danny” Chapman in 2005 in Harrisonburg. Danny started his career over 50 years ago in the asphalt business with local asphalt paving companies performing work on interstates, primary and private roads throughout the Shenandoah Valley. With the help of his two sons, Michael and Steven, also with a strong background in the asphalt industry, Danny established the brand recognition of D.P. Chapman & Sons that came along with the quality workmanship and one of a kind customer service they are still known for today. W.F. Edwards & Sons Paving, based in Lexington, was also an established family-owned business with a long history of work in the Lexington area.

In early 2012 D.P. Chapman & Sons Paving and Edwards & Sons Paving were merged together in order to create an asphalt and concrete paving company known as PavCon Group LLC, capable of serving the Shenandoah Valley from Shenandoah County to Botetourt County. With the help of Rockingham Asphalt, Rockingham RediMix, Conrock, Rockbridge Stone and Wilson Ready-Mix as affiliate companies, both being members of the Conmat Group family, PavCon Group, LLC is able to perform concrete and asphalt parking lots, roadways, and driveways as well as stone placement and tar and gravel applications.


For an estimate or consultation regarding all types of pavement, fill out our online form or contact us today at 855.937.2831 or info@PavConVA.com.