Roller Compacted Concrete

PavCon Group is one of, if not the only, local contractor with experience installing Roller Compacted Concrete. We are uniquely positioned to supply and install this product due to the fact we have an experienced paving crew, new equipment, excellent Quality Control, and ready-mix concrete affiliate companies. Roller compacted concrete is simply very stiff conventional concrete which is placed utilizing asphalt paving equipment. The end result is a parking lot or roadway with the strength and durability of concrete, but without the concrete joints that are required in conventional concrete pavement.


DuraPave – A New “Green” Solution for Your Driveway

The team at Rockingham Redi-Mix is proud to announce their new line of concrete paving. With the DuraPave Series of Concrete Paving you can now receive a 3-Year Limited Warranty on your driveway, along with the multitude of other benefits offered by concrete. Additionally, with the escalating price of asphalt, concrete is now actually the lowest cost solution for many applications.

Most people know all about the durability offered by concrete paving. However, they do not realize that concrete is also one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available today. Consider the following:

  • – Our DuraPave mix is manufactured almost totally with locally and regionally available materials.
  • – No hazardous materials are used in the manufacturing of our DuraPave mix.
  • – Our DuraPave mix includes a significant amount of recycled content.
  • – The “heat island” effect of concrete is much lower than that of asphalt.
  • – Our PervaRock Concrete contains 15-30% void content which allows rainwater to return to the aquifer, where it belongs, and reduces the need for expensive stormwater detention facilities.

With the ability to color and stamp concrete, the creative possibilities are endless. Concrete is no longer the plain, gray material it was in the past. Our liquid color system injects colors at the plant to ensure quality control and offers a nearly unlimited selection of integral colors. Stamping and staining can be utilized to further differentiate your driveway, sidewalk, patio or parking lot.

In summary, the DuraPave Series of Concrete Pavement offers the following benefits:

  • – A 3-Year Limited Warranty.
  • – Typically a lower life cycle cost than asphalt.
  • – A near limitless selection of colors and stamping patterns available.
  • – Concrete is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials.


Colored and Stamped Concrete

The Sky is the Limit in Colored Concrete Choices with Rockingham Redi-Mix’s AccuColor System

Our new AccuColor system represents the latest in concrete coloring technology. Liquid dyes are injected into the concrete mix at the plant using the latest in computer controls. This allows us to offer a near limitless color selection (click here for a color chart) while keeping the color as consistent as possible between loads of concrete. Additionally, mixing color integrally with the concrete in lieu of adding powdered color to the surface, results in a uniform color throughout the entire concrete section.

Colored concrete can be further enhanced by utilizing the various stamping patterns and release colors that we offer for sale or rent. Click here to view a sample of various patterns that we offer. Additionally, we have samples at our Harrisonburg plant of a limited number of patterns and colors that we can offer. Please contact our helpful sales staff for additional information or pricing.

Benefits of utilizing stamped/colored concrete:

  • – Concrete offers unmatched durability and quality.
  • – With integral color, the same color will be visible as the concrete wears or if it is chipped.
  • – The look of brick pavers, slate, or even wood can be achieved with the unmatched quality and durability offered by concrete.
  • – Practically limitless color options are available when combining our AccuColor system with a colored stamp release product.
  • – Competitive upfront pricing that is actually cheaper than the alternative when life cycle costs are considered.


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